You are stronger than you think…Find the fighter
inside of you!!

What do I get?

A tailored Martial Arts, Self-defence and Empowerment program for women created
and run by a woman. 3 training sessions per week for 8 weeks!

Always wanted to learn Martial Arts?

Muay Thai:
The most effective striking Art! Learn to punch, kick, knee and Elbow like a fighter!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self-defence:
Overcome your fear of being grabbed or held down. Learn how to fall safely, break
holds, stand back up, create distance and use your voice…

Empowerment and well-being:
My mission through the Fierce Females is to deliver a program dedicated to
empower and transform Women around me. I want them to believe on their abilities,
strength, talent and Love themselves the way they are!


The last session will be our Finale, where we get test your new skills and put them
together on a sparring session! The finale will be followed by a breakfast to celebrate
our achievement together!


Where at?

Jungle Brothers, 15 Underwood Ave in Botany NSW 2019


Next program starts April 19th 2022

8 weeks… 24 sessions… to be a FIERCE FEMALE!

"Since 2017, my focus was to work with women and young girls in my community.

I want them to appreciate themselves and their bodies for what they can do,

not for what they look like!"  Tima


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