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Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy and loved playing all sorts of sports. I was the tall athletic girl, average at school, who was dreaming about gold medals in athletics!

Then somehow got into high school, lost confidence and got into unhealthy life habits. Went to Uni, graduated with a Master in business and marketing, and here I am climbing the corporate ladder in Paris, working for the biggest companies in the food industry.

The stress and pressure of my job, life and family, left me lost and pushed me to search for something new, something challenging… That’s where my journey with Martial Arts and then coaching started, and MY LIFE WAS NEVER THE SAME ANYMORE…


Two years later after training in Thailand, my love for Muay Thai grew even bigger, being immersed in the culture, I understood the essence of it, it is a sport made of traditions, rituals and honour. I was completely fascinated and I had this urge to fight in the ring.

The level of dedication, resilience, physical and mental strength you need to fight, were the hardest and most humbling experiences. Until today, Muay Thai has been my greatest life teacher, I pay the biggest respect and gratitude, to all my masters and to the gift I have received from the “Art of Eight limbs”.


Few years later, I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a whole new set of skills focusing on grappling and an infinite number of submission holds. I fell in love with "The Gentle Art" art and quickly started testing myself on the competition mats.


I hope my life story to be one of a martial artist, but also a great teacher and inspiring leader, to help YOU face adversity and life battles.


As long as I can breath, I will be a MARTIAL ARTIST...

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