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How a pair of gloves was my Psychologist – Part 1

Have you ever seen a psychologist? Hmm… nah… what for?... you don’t need to, or perhaps you think you don’t. I did see one for a few sessions, it was good, but it was not enough, it wasn’t the answer, at least for me.

I had this burning rage, this buried anger, it felt like a ball in the middle of my chest, and an even bigger one in my stomach. I didn’t know how to push it out, so I kept pushing it down. I grew up feeling like a bird in cage, I had no rights to express myself, communicate, talk about feelings, discuss opinions or simply be able to disagree on whatever subject. This lead me to be an angry young woman, who was unable to express feelings and open up.

So I built this big shell, I was so strong, I didn’t allow myself to cry, I was going to take on the world, be a powerful woman and crash every single man who dared to stand on my way!! I was a go getter, I smashed every goal of mine, with no financial or emotional help from my family. I successfully completed my masters in business and my internship, working for massive corporations in the food industry and I got to climb the business ladder.

I got strong… so strong… that I BROKE, I know it doesn’t make sense, but I did…

I was unhappy and this quest was no longer fulfilling, somehow I got there, and I realised… WELL, NOW WHAT?

And one day, I walked into a stinky kick boxing gym near my office in Paris... As crazy as it sounds, I found my salvation through a pair of gloves, and a whole new life opened up to me. Until today, it was the greatest gift life has given me.

Why? How?

Stay tuned for Part 2 …

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