The main influence of Ginastica Natural is the ground movements of Jiu jitsu. These ground movements are combined with the techniques of stretching, flexibility, breathing of Hatha yoga, natural movements and the strength created through using body weight. 

Workshops Available: 

  • Ginastica Natural for BJJ 

  • Ginastica Natural for Surf

  • Ginastica Natural for everyone



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An introductory Muay Thai and Self-defence training program over a few weeks block or as a one off event. You will use punching bags, pads, kicking shields and boxing gloves to learn combinations, drills and grappling foundations. An exciting program to keep you motivated and committed to getting stronger mentally and physically. You will connect with other women just like you and will help, inspire and empower each other.

Fierce Females is a unique martial Art program designed by a woman for women.



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Motivating and inspiring atmosphere to bring your team together, create a solid bond or simply reward them for their hard work! Group classes designed to accommodate all ages, levels of fitness and experience. Have fun and get a good sweat! Leave it with me and I will get your team fired up and have fun training together!